Demystifying Digital Identity (2/2)

A powerful and flexible identity standard

The starting standard for identity

DIDs: the minimum requirement for interoperability

// Example of a 3ID DID methoddid:3:bafyreib5c5gwpwzxl4pcrl7qw4j6lvgg7ug4zdflnhg2eqvuiw7kv7fng4
  • Support multiple keys;
  • Maintain identity persistence as keys are added, removed, or rotated;
  • Resolve and communicate across various networks; and
  • Control a DID document that expresses metadata, service endpoints, or other related information about the DID.

DIDs alone are insufficient

  • Databases with cryptographic access control need their own keys and key management
  • DAOs and organizations need permissions delegation and membership links in a different way than users
  • Different wallets, notification services, and verification services will have their own designs
  • Users will bring various linked accounts, asset types, and preferences
Conceptual representation of what a DID provides

The blueprint for a complete identity standard

A complete identity system builds upon the starting point of DIDs to make identity the easy, simple, and flexible integration point for all of an application’s user-related functionality.

Five important properties of an interoperable identity standard

A dynamic and interoperable identity graph

Diagram of Ceramic’s Identity Standard that supports any DID, network, auth keys, claims, profile and account metadata, and off-chain sources.

With a flexible identity graph, users have the power to manage their identity and data with control and privacy, and apps have the power to tap into a rich ecosystem of identity data and capabilities without compromising their needs or stack.

Get started building with decentralized identity

Implementations of interoperable identity

Get started today

  • Build DIDs into your application, which takes at most ~1 day. You can use 3ID from 3Box, a lightweight IPFS-based DID that will be natively built into Ceramic.
  • Join us in the Ceramic discord to share your use case, give input to help shape the network and standards, or ask any questions you have. Or join our mailing list.
  • Share or discuss on twitter with the global Web3 builder community. Our Web3 ecosystem will grow best if work together, and that starts with a solid foundation for interoperability.



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